Day trip to the waterfalls of Chiapas

Chiapas is the greenest place in Mexico, and the waterfalls are the best place to appreciate it, the blues and the greens and the reds of the landscapes, not to mention the thousands of birds and other animals in the area.

We begin at Montebello lakes which literally translates as the beautiful hills lakes, being there is almost like being in a dream or in a paradise.

We continue to El Chiflón waterfalls, a collection of hills and whaterfall that show nature in all of it´s glory.

From the beginning you will be in a comfy van that will take you from and too your hotel.

Price: 40 USD
Duration: 12 hours (aprox.)
When: Every Day at 10am (with booking)
Where: Gazebo at Plaza 31 de marzo (main square)

If you see a tour in our calendar you are free to show up for it!
How ever we do appreciate if you book with us in order to give you more information about our tours and to provide a better service for you.

Also please be kind to  read the description of every tour so you could be aware if there are any changes in the itinerary.

Thank you!

Free Tour San Cristobal de las Casas